Super Oscar

Super Oscar

Super Oscar will welcome you into a lively environment full of challenges and opponents. Our main character is confident that he can overcome any obstacles and complete all stages. Would you be willing to go with him on this dangerous journey?

You can find a wide range of difficulty levels in this game, which ensures that you never get bored. This platformer has a very simple purpose. You must defeat or dodge all the enemies and overcome all obstacles to complete each level. Oscar is ready to conquer the world with his strong arms and determined expression. Use the arrow keys to move him, or press the SPACEBAR to leap. Bricks and blocks will be suspended in the air. To smash the blocks with your head, jump while they are still below you. You will be rewarded with cash or power-ups, depending on which block you are using. Be aware of spaces between platforms! To avoid falling, you must leap over the platforms. You can double jump if the distance between your target and you is great. To do this, press the SPACEBAR while you are in the air. You will also find a lot gold coins scattered throughout each level. You can unlock many items in the in-game shop by grabbing as many gold coins as possible so try your best to collect as many as you can. Enjoy your game!

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How to play

How To Play Super Oscar

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