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State of Zombies 3

State of Zombies 3

A side-scrolling action game in which you embark on an adventure in a post zombie apocalypse-era world. There are always zombies around and you have to kill them all! Shoot them with your guns! In the third section of State of Zombies, we also run through the streets to clean up the evil. We move with "W", "A", "S, D", and "mouse" to aim/shoot. You can also change the weapons by pressing "Q". To switch between items, press "E", and then "F" for to use them. Each level has a goal: eliminate all zombies and get to the helicopter. We also collect money that can be used to upgrade after each level. We might also find power-ups in crates as we walk through the streets. You can fight with 40 zombies by using 40 weapons. You are in for action and plenty of blood. Are you able to defeat zombies while protecting yourself?

How to play

  • WASD / arrow keys = move
  • Q = switch weapon
  • E = choose item
  • F = use item
  • Left-click = shoot
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