Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P is a game where you have to defend your territory in order to win. These are tough times. To survive in the medieval age, you will need all the power available to save your people and lands. Can you be the ultimate victor?

You will be the leader for your kingdom during medieval times and take part in this amazing strategy game. This will put you in the middle of a medieval war. You are responsible for the leadership and management of the entire army as the commander. The single-player game has 24 stages. You must complete each stage to move on. You have spearmen and archers as well as various types of medieval infantry. Each stage will require you to decide how many troops and where you want them to be deployed on the battlefield. You might also have the ability to control where your troops are deployed on the battlefield. Your plan will be successful and there are more troops available. This could make the final fight easier. In the 2-player mode, you might compete against other players who are on the same computer. Let's see who will be the ruler of the medieval world within the next few centuries.

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How to play

How To Play Medieval Battle 2P

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