I'm not a Monster: Wanna Live

I'm not a Monster: Wanna Live

Keep your child safe with I'm not A Monster: Wanna Life! Your childhood best friend has been kidnapped and needs your help! It has only one wish, and that is to love those it loves. Do you have the ability to keep it safe and give it a loving hug?

Some may be misled by the idea that your childhood best friend, your favourite toy, appears as if it is a monster. Technical constraints have entrapped it. In reality, however, it is just a beautiful toy and needs only your affection and warm embraces. You are responsible for its care and return to its owner. Start a new journey to save your toy. You will have to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test to get it out of the tiny prisons where it is currently held. To solve the challenges you'll face, you can use your agile iron hands. To complete these missions, you'll need to play rescue games like grabpack rescue, pull and pin, and cut rescue. You will only be able to free your toy from any of the jails it is held in if you solve all the riddles. You have the opportunity to apply all your talents and win your toy back.

This fun and challenging game had many challenges to solve to save someone. You should also check out our other puzzle games for more exciting adventures.


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How To Play I'm not a Monster: Wanna Live

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