Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis

Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis

The Dibbles have resurfaced, but this time our King is embarking on a brand-new mission with a Christmas-centric focus known as Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis. Take control of the Dibbles and guide their monarch through each of the game's 33 Christmas-themed stages to ensure his safety. Why did he deem it necessary for hundreds of his most devoted subjects to be killed during this particular confrontation? Simply complete the game to find out the answer to this question today in Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis!


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions.
  • A great number of difficult levels
  • Intuitive controls
  • Role-playing game for fun

How to play

The player makes their selection from the list of available commands and places the command stones in the appropriate locations based on the level using the mouse. The very first dibble that comes across the command will remember it, and if he is given the opportunity to carry it out, he will, despite the fact that this may result in the loss of his life (which it almost certainly does). Best of luck!

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