Cursed Treasure 1

Cursed Treasure 1

The dark powers are putting their treasures in peril again. After ten long years of peace, Cursed Treasure 1 is now occupied by three precious gems. Your task is to recover the evil works of millennia. Protect precious jewels in the face of attack by angels, ninjas, and lizard-riding ninjas. Build and upgrade towers, cast powerful spells, and learn valuable talents. So, what are we waiting for? Get on board now with the 1st Edition of the Cursed Treasure!


  • An updated version of the tower defense classic.
  • Flying and jumping enemies.
  • Mysterious tunnels that run below the surface
  • 15 all-new levels.
  • Revised scoring systems.

How to play

Challenges are created by players using the mouse (or touch) interface. You have to protect your jewels from thieves and "good" heroes. Make towers and then use spells that will stop attackers from stealing your jewels. We wish you the very best of luck.

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