Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection will make you the traffic king! It is difficult to get from one point to the next in a timely fashion because there are so many cars on the roads. It is because of the difficulty of getting from A to B in a timely manner due to traffic jams and junctions. This is why you'll be able to have your say on the situation now.

This entertaining game will see you as the driver behind all the cars. There is always a steady stream of cars along the main street. There are many automobiles on the roads. Sometimes, these cars travel at an excessive speed, which can lead to congestion in some areas. Intercede with the traffic of cars heading towards Main Street from the junctions. You simply need to click on the screen to indicate that you are happy for the cars to flow onto Main Street. Be alert for cars approaching your car and avoid an accident. To complete the combination, grab the star and hop onto the blue stars. Let's see if you can be a traffic controller.


How to play

How To Play Crazy Intersection

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